Brazosport ISD Athletics

All athletes and band members at Brazosport and Brazoswood will need to fill out the COVID-19 Athlete Pre-Screen form before starting summer activities on June 8th.

The Brazosport Independent School District Athletic Department offers football, volleyball, basketball, track, and tennis at the intermediate schools. At the senior high school level the following sports are offered: football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, tennis, golf, swimming, diving, water polo, powerlifting, and wrestling. Brazosport High School competes in Conference 4A and Brazoswood High School competes in Conference 6A. 

Athletic Services Leaders

Alan Weddell
Athletic Director
979-730-7000 x11106

Frankie Wright
AD Admin Asst. & Brazosport Athletic Secretary
979-730-7280 x12797

LaShon Pohlman
Brazoswood  Athletic Secretary
979-730-7280 x29111

Mark Kanipes
Brazosport Athletic Campus Coordinator
979-730-7264 x11107

Gary Holler
Brazosport Athletic Trainer
979-730-7265 x28218 

Sabrina Campos
Brazosport Assistant Athletic Trainer
979-730-7265 x13420

Danny Youngs
Brazoswood Athletic Campus Coordinator
979-730-7304 x12700

Houston Pepper
Brazoswood Athletic Trainer
979-730-7305 x13627

Beth Wilson
Brazoswood Assistant Trainer
979-730-7305 x29399

Hayden Jaco
Brazoswood Assistant Trainer
979-730-7305 x29336

Adrian Sauceda
CIS Athletic Campus Coordinator
979-730-7230 x25273

Graham Hardy
FIS Athletic Campus Coordinator
979-730-7240 x13453

Bryan Agan
LJI Athletic Campus Coordinator
979-730-7250 x25200

For more information please call the BISD Athletic Office at 979-730-7280.